Mind Apples

Mind Apples

Share what you do to de-stress and learn how to take care of your emotional wellbeing with our online Mind Apples sessions.


Every other Thursday.


this event will be delivered online using Zoom


Everyone has heard of the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’! But what can we do to keep our mind healthy?

We normally meet at 6 Degrees Coffee House on London Road, where we come together and share what we do to relax and unwind. The discussion is always different and guided by everyone attending, addressing topics such as general activities for relaxation, why these activities are helping, and sometimes also deeper conversations about personal preferences and ways to look after one’s mental health.

Get in touch:

The sessions are facilitated by Julian Harrison, who also created a Facebook page for Mindapples.

Email Julian to find out more about the upcoming virtual sessions. 

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