Edith Murphy Foundation

The Edith Murphy Foundation

The Edith Murphy Foundation is a registered charity that was established by Edith in memory of her husband, Hughie in 1993. Edith was born in Leicester in 1916 and had always been passionate about the Leicester and Leicestershire community.

The foundation’s purpose is to support other organisations (predominantly, but not exclusively, other registered charities) that:

  • carry out research
  • support individuals who by reason of their age, youth, infirmity, disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances are suffering hardship, distress or are otherwise in need
  • relieve the suffering and care for unwanted animals

Since its inception the charity has supported over 650 organisations with grants of around £17.5 million enabling groups to carry out ground-breaking research as well as providing much needed support to those in need of care.

All U.matter projects and events are funded from the Edith Murphy Foundation funding, through the Health Matters initiative supported by the University of Leicester.

Portrait of Edith Murphy wearing large cream hat
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