About us

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U. matter is a community engagement project focused on supporting community health and wellbeing through a diverse programme of projects and events that bring people together.

The key aim of the project is to be good neighbours to Leicester’s diverse community which we aim to fulfil by:

  • Listening to what they feel is needed to support health and wellbeing and responding to it in the best way we can
  • Providing opportunities for social interactions that allow a safe and open space to talk about health
  • Being active members of the local health and wellbeing networks

The project was born in 2017 with the opening launch of the George Davies Centre, the largest non-residential Passivhaus in the UK, which houses teaching schools and research departments within the College of Life Sciences such as Leicester Medical School. We consulted with a range of stakeholders including community health groups and organisations, health professionals, academics and students to understand what people felt our project could provide to support our local community’s health and wellbeing. We heard loud and clear that people wanted us to focus on supporting mental health and wellbeing so we work with partners to create as diverse a range of opportunities to bring people together in social, feel-good activities with something for people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and needs.

The events and projects range from support groups such as the Infant Feeding Café, supporting mums with feeding their little ones, to Mind Apples, a relaxed chat at 6 Degrees Coffee House on mental health and how to take care of your emotional wellbeing, to House of Circus, where you can learn how to tightrope or juggle!

Most events are free to attend are free to attend and take place either in Leicester City Centre or close by to the city.

To find out what events are taking place near you, visit our events and classes page

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