Writing & Drawing

Poet and performer, Lydia Towsey, and visual artist, Scott Bridgwood, collaborated for this unique series of sessions, designed to boost wellbeing and explore the crossover between writing and drawing.

Running on a monthly basis, each one-hour self-contained session fused writing with drawing/mark-making to explore identity, self-expression and our present circumstances across a variety of themes.

The sessions examined the traditional genres of landscape, portraiture, still life and abstraction in the context of lockdown, and combine a range of visual and written processes to develop new and exciting work, reflect on the last year and positively explore the future.

In a similar vein, Lydia & Scott also ran a series of ‘Elder Tree’ sessions, focused on over 55s and inspired by Raymond Carver’s famous short work and eponymously titled collection of short stories – ‘Where I’m Calling From’.

Each weekly, self-contained session (during the gradual easing of lockdown) explored where we are and where we’re going, through the connecting power of story. Via a process of accessible poetic approaches, attendees developed brand new work for sharing with a broader audience. 

All levels of ability were catered for, but no experience of writing or drawing is required.

Some testimonials from attendees…

“Loved that – feel really uplifted”

“Thanks again Lydia and Scott, another great workshop, you’re somehow able to release the creativity within, in a completely painless way!!”

“Great session thanks. Much appreciated. A moment of joy. Enjoyed the writing and art together although I came to it because of the art.”

“Thank you both – first ever zoom and learnt so much around art and writing without worrying about being good at art!… I can’t believe that has evoked a poem out of me… It was a brilliant session.”

“I found I was totally engrossed in the drawing or words that really the end product was a bonus.”

“I really enjoyed it – a lovely way to forget about everything going on in the outside world & a great way to relish memories… I really appreciate the community poetry sessions here – Leicester is lucky to have such a thriving and welcoming scene.”

Partner Involvement

Lydia & Scott

07908 750187 secretagentartist@hotmail.com

We wanted to showcase some of the work created by attendees of the online ‘Writing & Drawing’ sessions delivered by Lydia & Scott during the various COVID-19 lockdowns. The following presentation was created for an online exhibition in July 2021. You can navigate through it using the arrows bottom-left. 

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