Arty Social

A weekly get together for discussing creative thoughts, experiences and ideas in an encouraging, safe and supportive environment.

This weekly event met every Thursday afternoon for 90 minutes of creative talk. Each drop-in session was open to all and hosted by Tim Sayers of BrightSparks: Arts in Mental Health Group.

The vision for these sessions was for them to be guided by the participants. Attendees were encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas, art they’ve created (or recently discovered) and performance. All of which was presented in a very safe and supportive environment.

Each week’s session ended with an optional ‘art-therapy-based’ session, led by arts psychotherapy student Marnie Aston.

One of the illustrations that came out of each week’s session, created by Marnie Aston. 

Partner Involvement

Tim Sayers

07795 475 806
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